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Ball valve holder for tubes dia. 4 and 6 mm

3D printed ball valve holder from PETG for ball valves for tubes with a diameter of 4 mm and 6 mm. The holder can be attached using four 2.2 mm screws (4 pcs. 2.2x9.5 mm included in the package). The ball valve is fixed with the help of 2.5 mm wide tightening straps (2 pcs included in the package) to the holder and is axially secured by the extended diameter of 12.5 mm. The valve can be mounted in two basic positions - with the axis of rotation of the lever perpendicular or parallel to the mounting surface. If necessary, the valve can also be fixed rotated between these positions.

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Package contents: 1 pc

€2.19 tax excl.

4190 AM
0.006 kg