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Hand painting jig

The painting jigis intended as a hand holder to facilitate the painting of miniatures (such as Warhammer figures, Gundam, etc.), models (such as railways) and many others.

€5.57 tax excl.
Sent in 3-5 days

The colored object is attached (with glue, plasticine, double-sided tape or otherwise) to the rotary mat. After that, by using fingers the model can be simply rotated without the need to touch the model, thereby eliminating the risk of damaging the model or the paint. Thanks to the attachment of the model to the base, it is possible to tilt the model in different ways and color even hard to reach places. It is possible to insert an additional finger support into the holder for greater stabilization during coloring (can only be used in combination with a 30 mm diameter rotary pad). Additional washers (replacement and other diameters) can be found in the related products.

The jig can optionally be attached to the table using a desk stand (which is to be fastened with three screws dia. 4 mm with a countersunk head) - then it functions as a stationary rotating platform.

Contents of package: Preparation for painting, additional support, rotating mat with a diameter of 30 mm and desk stand for attaching to a table.

Model in the photo: https://www.printables.com/model/18943-space-orc

0.050 kg

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