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Contour sanding jig adjustable, 10 mm/50-70 mm

A tool for more convenient sanding of contours with the possibility of adjusting the sanding width. Maximum width of sanding paper 10 mm, minimum length of the sanding part 50 mm, maximum 70 mm.

Available in two variants - economy and standard.

The economic variant includes hex bolts with a cylindrical head M4x12 mm (MPJ 0430 SB), M4 nuts (MPJ 0108 SZ) and a washers (MPJ 0704 SZ) for clamping the sandpaper. The set does not include a 3 mm Allen key (MPJ 0903 SB).

The standard variant includes M4 knurled screws (MPJ 1528) and M4 nuts (MPJ 0108 SZ) for clamping the sandpaper.

Due to the different needs for the width, length and roughness of the sandpaper, the product is supplied without sandpaper.

Package contents: 1 pc

€5.35 tax excl.

96420 STD
0.030 kg