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Chamfer sanding jig adjustable, 0 - 15 mm

Sanding block for grinding bevels and chamfers adjustable for bevels 0-15 mm x 45°.

€9.67 tax excl.

The jig for sanding bevels can be set for bevels 0-15mm x 45°. There is a millimeter scale on both sides for setting the desired bevel (chamfer). This dimension is adjusted by tightening the knurled hand screw on the adjustable block. Sanding is then carried out until the sanded object is in contact with both rulers.

The product uses two 30x45 mm sandpapers. The way the papers are placed is shown in the product image - the sandpaper is placed to the outer edge of the fixture (so that there is a gap in the middle for the sanded material) and to the sandpaper location lines.

Package contents: 1 pc

0.081 kg